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Ratings and Reviews

A few of the client ratings and reviews taken directly from Google

5.0 rating | 25 ratings | 28 reviews // Listing correct as of July 2019 [Google]


“I am very impressed with Frank Verderame and the rest of this law firm. Frank demonstrates a strong ethic and a passion to enforce and protect the legal rights of his clients.”

– David Wolf, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“I had the pleasure of working with Nick and Kandi on a case in the past year. Nick holds the highest standards for his clients and it is evident through the constant communication and time and effort he puts into his cases. Plattner Verderame truly raises the bar for law firms and I cannot speak highly enough of them.”
– James Sophia, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Great attorneys always there to help you answer questions especially when you’re in a lawsuit”
– Jacque Coar, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Nick and the team were amazing. They made a seemingly overwhelming experience so much simpler than I could have imagined.”
– Shaina Weisinger, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“When I first contacted Frank Verderame about our family’s need for legal assistance, I was struck by his passion for the case. It was as if the issues were directly affecting his own family…and that was just during our first phone conversation! Following our initial face-to-face meeting with Frank and Nick, my wife was just as impressed as I was. Instantly, we felt as if we were in the most capable hands possible! The whole team seemed to take the case personally. When we asked for information, we got it; as much (or as little) as we wanted. When they asked us what we wanted to do, we felt our best interests were being served by relying on their experience and best judgement. The whole team was accessible, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the best possible outcome for our case. Truthfully, we did not expect that our case would turn out as well as it did. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome (unless we never had need to file suit in the first place). I hope that we’ll never need legal assistance of this kind again but, if we do, I would not think twice about calling on the team again.”
– Jonathan Powell, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


Carissa Cortez, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


I’ve worked with Nick Verderame in the past and I can honestly say he is an exceptional attorney. The firm provides excellent quality of service, tailored to your specific needs, at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend going with Plattner Verderame!”
– Jason Brandenberger, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“As a fellow attorney in the valley, I cannot speak highly enough of Plattner Verderame. I handle criminal cases, so anytime I come across a personal injury case I immediately tell that person to contact Plattner Verderame. Nick Verderame has consulted on a few cases, and his legal knowledge is second to none. This firm doesn’t just care about your case, it cares about you as a person as well.”
– Armando Nava, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Mr Verderame is a gifted attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients…your case is in good hands with someone of his talent and ability.”
– Nikhil Damle, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“I was referred to Nick Verderame by another attorney with whom I had worked on a separate legal matter and was pleasantly surprised by how genuine and forthright Mr. Verderame was. Mr. Verderame took the time to listen to my initial query and call me back to discuss in greater detail. In my esteem, he went above and beyond and looked into the matter rather fully even though I had only contacted him looking for some general advice. Although my current situation did not warrant hiring Mr. Verderame at this time, given my positive experience and his prompt, professional responses, I would definitely work with him in the future should a need arise!”
– Kyle Rausch, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“I was referred to Nick at Plattner Verderame by a co-worker and I could not be more pleased with my experience. He was very kind and explained my situation in layman’s terms. The team was incredibly responsive and actually listened to me. We all hope that there is never a time that you should need an attorney, however if you do- I would highly recommend this firm.”
– Rebecca Mallen, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Warm, caring people that go the extra mile. They’ll tell you exactly what the situation is and what to expect. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help!”
– Andrea Sarich, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Frank Vererame was the best lawyer I’ve ever known. He treated me as a personal friend and fought hard for all my rights and everything he thought I deserved. I can always trust him and know he is there to help me. Thx Frank”
– Debbie McKee, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Patient, attentive, responsive, thorough and professional. I would happily recommended this law office to anyone.”
– Cristina Finegan, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“The only time we had need of an attorney we chose well. Should we need one again we will again call Plattner Verderame, PC.”
– Richard McMichael, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“Very attentive to your needs. Takes care of you and the case when your feeling lost. And fights for you and what is fair!”
– Tasha Rhodes, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“I cannot recommend this firm more highly or with greater pleasure. Richard Plattner worked tirelessly as an advocate on my behalf, vigorously defending my best interests and ensuring that all aspects of my legal rights were fully represented. Both Mr. Plattner, his partner Randy Hinsch and his staff were compassionate, courteous and always willing to discuss any questions or concerns I had in a prompt and timely manner. I was thoroughly briefed on all aspects of my case, and this information was broken down and explained to me in a manner that I could easily process and understand. Further, Mr. Plattner and his staff were regularly available to answer any additional questions that I might have.

Mr. Plattner and his team gave me a voice where mine would have been otherwise lost. They have earned my trust, my loyalty and my deepest thanks.
– A Google User, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


“A huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders when my insurance claim was taken over by Richard Plattner. During our initial consultation, I was surpised by how much knowledge he had on my injuries. He gave me information and was genuinely concerned about making sure I was getting the appropriate medical treatment. I was comfortable discussing all aspects of my health issues with him and he and his staff were very professional and nice. My case was settled within several weeks and I was confident in knowing that I had the very best firm representing my best interests.”
– A Google User, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


Dina Shacknai, 5.0 rating ★★★★★


Listing correct as of July 2019 [Google]