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Verdicts & Settlements

Since 1991, Plattner Verderame, P.C. has fought for the rights of injury victims throughout Arizona. Over the years, we have obtained significant verdict and settlement amounts for our clients. We invite you to review some of the awards we have obtained on their behalf, and to contact us if you have any questions.

$25 Million

Award Auto crash involving a catastrophic brain injury to a small child.

$10 Million

Verdict Airplane crash involving serious injuries to passengers of a small airplane on a sightseeing trip over the Grand Canyon.

$7 Million

Judgement Client sustained a brain injury from a workplace fall. Settled during appeal.

$5.5 Million

Settlement for $500,000 cash plus a $5,500,000 judgment and assignment of rights against insurer. Suit against the City of Phoenix for police negligence in 1968, when then-5-year-old client’s father burned the family house down.

$5.1 Million

Settlement: Helicopter crash case.

$3.5 Million

Settlement: Medical malpractice case against a doctor and hospital in Ohio for the wrongful death of a 26-year-old mother.

$3.5 Million

Settlement: For woman permanently injured by cement truck with ran a red light.

$3.3 Million

Settlement: Suit against a drunk driver and his employer for brain injury and other injuries to family members.

$3.2 Million

Verdict: Against State of Arizona. In 1990, a young woman who lost both legs from freezing after being stuck in her car on a state highway in the mountains. During a storm the state closed the road for the winter and never checked for motorists already on the highway trapped by drifting snow.  See Up And Running, The Jami Goldman Story, by Goldman & Caga. 

$3 Million

Verdict: $1 million for compensatory damages plus $2 million punitive damages. Case involved the death of an emotionally disturbed institutionalized 10-year-old boy, who jumped out of a school van.

$2.9 Million

Settlement: Young woman injured due to firearm design defect.

$2.75 Million

Settlement: Lawsuit against a City in Arizona for negligence of one of its drivers resulting in brain damage to a 5-year-old boy.

$2.75 Million

Settlement: Products liability case involving brain injury.

$2.3 Million

Award: Airplane crash at an air show involving the death of a young boy. The case was resolved at arbitration.

$2 Million

Settlement: Against trucking company which lost a trailer wheel on the highway, causing client to swerve off road into a tree. Partial paralysis.

$2 Million

Settlement: Short-circuit during installation of mobile CT unit burned hospital employee.

$1.9 Million

Judgment: A medical malpractice case where a 60-year-old man was given an overdose of drugs while at an Arizona hospital.

$1 Million

Verdict: Suit against a mobile home transport company. Wheel came off home being moved on highway, caused client’s vehicle to roll in median; orthopedic injuries and mild brain injury.

$1 Million

Settlement: Medical malpractice wrongful death case.

$1 Million

Settlement: Medical malpractice case involving birth injury to child.

$1 Million

Settlement: Medical malpractice for surgical abdominal injuries.

$1 Million

Settlement: For young woman on bicycle hit by a pickup truck. She suffered orthopedic injuries, PTSD, and mild brain injury.


Verdict: An 18-year-old male was standing on car bumper while friend drove in parking lot; head injury caused when friend made sudden sharp turn, throwing client from bumper.


Settlement: Young man with cerebral palsy and no ability to speak who was molested while in foster care.


Settlement: For a client who was t-boned at a red light and suffered herniated discs, tinnitus, and cognitive decline.


Verdict: Young man with broken leg and aggravation of pre-existing tinnitus (ringing in ears), when bellman at resort hotel overturned electric cart.


Verdict after defense settlement offer of $55,000. Light pole collapsed while electrician on ladder performing service; broken elbow.


Verdict: (minus comparative fault) TMJ injury caused by dentist during removal of wisdom teeth. No settlement offer by dentist.


Verdict after defense top offer of $40,000. Ruptured industrial hose caused eye injury and some permanent blurred vision.


Verdict (minus comparative fault) for whiplash causing chronic pain.

Confidential settlements

Confidential 8-figure settlement: Child born with birth defects due to chemical exposure to mother.

Confidential 8-figure settlement: Child born with birth defects due to chemical exposure to mother.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Child born with birth defects due to chemical exposure to mother.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Child born with birth defects due to chemical exposure to mother.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Child born with birth defects due to chemical exposure to mother.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Medical malpractice case involving the death of a 65-year-old woman in an Arizona hospital. The doctors involved were also sanctioned by the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: For passenger in small airplane which crashed due to errors by air traffic control and pilot.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Partly paralyzed teenager against car manufacturer, for inadequate roof strength and poor seatbelt design.

Confidential 7-figure wrongful death settlement: Against nursing home which neglected young patient with brain injury preventing him from speaking.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Against Asian and Arizona adoption agencies for failure to disclose medical records which would have revealed serious congenital brain injury in adopted baby.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: 5-year-old boy with serious brain injury after being struck by speeding police car.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: For passenger in speeding car which crashed into highway barrier wall, causing permanent leg injuries.

Confidential 7-figure settlement: Chiropractor on bicycle hit by a pickup truck turning left. Shattered left elbow.

Confidential settlement: Shoulder injury caused by sudden collapse of defective wooden leg on massage table.

Confidential settlement: For woman attacked by guard dog which had gotten loose, puncture wounds on hip became infected.

Confidential settlement: For wrongful death of elderly woman with end-stage renal disease, killed when driver of van transporting her to dialysis negligently failed to buckle her seatbelt and caused crash.

Confidential settlement: Against hospital for death of 72-year-old man when nurse gave the wrong contrast material to doctor during a lumbar scan.

Confidential settlement: Against furniture company whose movers dropped a dresser drawer on client’s foot, causing RSD.

Confidential settlement: Against maker of commercial deep fat fryer. Defective design of fryer legs caused leg to detach and splashed hot oil, causing significant burns on back and neck.

Confidential settlement: Against doctor who prescribed Reglan for long-term use and caused permanent tardive dyskinesia.

Confidential settlement: Against State of Arizona for driver injured when his semi-truck went over the side of a freeway ramp in high wind due to the side walls being too short.

Confidential dental malpractice settlement: After successful appeal to Arizona Supreme Court establishing rule that doctor’s concealment of cause of post-treatment pain prevented the statute of limitations from running.

Confidential settlement: Woman with cardiac injury after Emergency Room doctor misdiagnosed her heart attack as indigestion and sent her away.

Confidential settlement: Severe ankle injury caused by Australian tourist who crossed center line near Grand Canyon and collided head-on.

Confidential settlement: Death of a teenage boy killed when the driver of the car he was riding in rolled over. Driver claimed the young man wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

Damages case settled after liability trial: Liability trial against state of Arizona. Jury found 50% fault on the driver who crossed center line and 50% fault on state for dangerous highway design.

Please note: the awards listed above are in no way a guarantee of future awards for other cases. Every case is different, and we cannot guarantee outcomes.

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