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Client Testimonials

I really appreciate your diligence and talents.

I just wanted to send my gratitude for all your work, kindness and support. It has been a long stressful few years and you were always there for me. I really appreciate your diligence and talents. Your gentle guidance through the negotiations helped alleviate some of the anxiety as you earned my confidence and trust. I am very happy to have this over and settled. Thank you. - Client

I am beyond grateful for the services Frank and his team.

After a family tragedy I was left with the daunting task of finding a lawyer to help me and my daughter for the wrongful death of her mother. One whom I'd feel comfortable with reaching out to and confident enough to move forward. Being from another state on the other side of the country I had no idea where to begin. I had no references, recommendations and nothing more than the internet. In the past I have worked with other attorneys on other issues and those resulted in both negative and positive experiences. I knew, and was afraid that I could spend hours, driving myself mad, reading review after review, looking for lawyers on the internet I'd never be anymore satisfied. After a brief search of wrongful death lawyers, I came across their Plattner Verderame website. Their website looked modest and that's what I was looking for. I took a chance a called their office. After a brief conversation with the firms staff, Frank Verderame reached out to me. We spoke for a while and I became increasingly comfortable. Over the next few conversations I never felt Like Frank was telling me I wanted to hear. He informed me of the obstacles, foreseen challenges and a variety of potential outcomes. He was exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer, someone who's optimistic but genuine, expresses their concerns, their honesty and most important letting me take part, allowing me to help by do everything I could on my end and being apart of the conversation. From experience I knew it was going to be a long process but my confidence in Frank allowed me to carry on day to day without the pressure of the situation constantly on my mind. I was at peace with the way things were going. Ultimately a settlement was worked out with the insurance to an extent I could've not possibly expected a better outcome. I am beyond grateful for the services Frank and his team. I want to make a special mention to Donna Grettenberger for her tremendous help as well as one of the firms Paralegals. — Christopher Kelly

Thank you team! I appreciate all your help and everything that you've done!

I was in a car wreck last year and I didn't know where to start from nor what to do. A friend of mine referred me to Plattner Verderame. I met with Nick and Kandi, went over what happened and signed the documents. The process was frustrating because we had to deal with different insurance companies, but Kandi and Nick were AMAZING and especially Kandi was on top of all of it!! They kept me looped in with every progress... answered my calls and emails when I had any questions. The case was recently closed with a win! THEY ARE AMAZING, PROFESSIONAL, and especially they know what they are doing! I wish I can give them more than 5 stars because they deserve it and they earned it!
Thank you team! I appreciate all your help and everything that you've done! - Joslene C.

Thank you Frank, Nick, and Kandi, on a job well done!

In late 2016, I was involved in a rear in collision whereas a U.S. Border Patrol officer struck my vehicle from behind on I-10 east of Phoenix. This involved a roll-over with extrication of me from my vehicle. I sustained neck and back injuries, however non-life-threatening. A few months afterwards, the Border Patrolman decided to falsify his statement in court and his citation for having caused the accident was dismissed. I was not notified of this proceeding as such was not able to provide my testimony. As a result, his insurance closed my claim. At this juncture I had no recourse but to fight him and his insurance company (GEICO by the way). I attempted to seek legal representation from two other law firms, and they were not interested due to their perceived low value of my claim. I was finally placed in contact to the Plattner Verderame firm and within 15 minutes of speaking with Frank Verderame, he took my case on. From the onset, this firm was very professional and working in the legal field, I felt extremely confident in their abilities to fight for me. Nick Verderame accompanied me to my deposition which was a key component if getting my claim settled with GEICO as the truth finally came out. Kandi Jacobs was very helpful as well. She provided me regular updates and I truly felt they were sincere and caring. My claim should have never had to go into litigation, but facing GEICO only proved my suspicions that they never want to take responsibility for their insured's actions. As a result, the Border Patrolman now has a judgement against him. In the end, I am completely satisfied with the legal representation I received from the Plattner Verderame firm and I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of legal assistance.
Thank you Frank, Nick, and Kandi, on a job well done!" - Lucas M.

I am indebted to them, and I will never forget them.

"Randall (Randy) Hinsch initially met with me and spent more than an hour introducing me to the new world of litigation I had just met up with. Not a friendly world either, one that was going to be fraught with sleepless nights and many questions. Randy was patient to the end, he never kept me in the dark on anything. He explained what was going on, and why it was going on. The defense lawyers used dirty tricks to the N’th degree, but Randy was able to dig through all of that and found the real facts of the case. When it finally came to the end, Randy and his partner (Richard Plattner) were there for 9 hours of arguing and got my case concluded satisfactorily to me. I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the honesty, and hard work, that the partners in Plattner Verderame, P.C. put in for me and seeing my case through to the end.
I am indebted to them, and I will never forget them." - John C.

Thank you Plattner Verderame for your excellent and ethical work!

"My name is Dr. Matt French, and I am a chiropractor and avid cyclist. In 2009, while bicycling to my office, I was struck by an oncoming, left-turning truck on a quiet residential street. I sustained a significant amount of trauma requiring a 5-day hospital stay and 5 surgeries over the following 16 months. Being that my profession requires that my bones be intact, considerable time at work was lost. As a self-employed father of two, this created a very serious financial stress. I have immeasurable gratitude for the help that Richard Plattner and Plattner Verderame provided. I appreciated the honesty throughout the process- not promoting unrealistic promises. Their level of integrity and professionalism was truly superb. The outcome of my case was more than satisfactory, and has enabled me to further my medical education. This will allow me to enter into a family wellness medical practice, and reduce the physical stress the chiropractic work causes to my significantly damaged elbow joint. Thank you Plattner Verderame for your excellent and ethical work!" - Dr. Matt French

I would highly recommend them.

"If you are looking for highly intelligent, experienced, results oriented lawyers who specialize in injury and wrongful death, I found them Plattner Verderame law firm. They understood my needs, walked me through at my pace and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Best of all, they helped me obtain the justice deserved. I was in direct contact with them the whole time and my case was solved without having to go to trial. I would highly recommend them." - Joan R.

I would most definitely highly recommend them.

"The experience I had with Plattner-Verderame was a very positive one. My personal attorney and his legal assistant Michelle Quillan were wonderful and always kept me up to date on any progress. I never felt like they forgot about me. They were skillful, professional and just very decent nice people. I would most definitely highly recommend them." - Beverly S.

I want to add that when I had questions he made me understand.

"My attorney, Randy not only worked with me to get me the best settlement, he was very flexible with my work schedule, coming to my employment on my breaks and e-mailing me when I couldn’t receive phone calls, and lastly I want to add that when I had questions he made me understand and as a young client that was important to me." - Kelly K.

We wholeheartedly recommend Randy.

"Our family was involved in a devastating accident. Although we have spent our lives in public service, we were ill prepared for the changes which would occur in our lives after that accident. We were still reeling from the life changing and emotional events when a dear friend convinced us to contact Randall (Randy) Hinsch. It was easily the wisest decision we made during those trying times. To say Randy came through for us, time and time again, would be a huge understatement. Randy made sure, from the very beginning, that we understood what we were facing ahead – and it was very grim. Randy was honest and straight-forward with us, which we genuinely appreciated. Our entire relationship with Randy has been based on that same honesty and straight-forwardness and something else, something we did not see until later – Randy’s ferocious defense of us, as victims in this horrific event. Randy fought for us and protected us the entire way as did Michelle Quillen, who was just as determined and tenacious as Randy was. Randy achieved what we could never have accomplished alone – he fought the giant insurance companies (automobile AND health) and he won every single time. Randy fought for rights we did not even know we had. To say the entire claim process was difficult and confusing does not even begin to describe what we went through. No one should ever have to go through that alone and unarmed and we are so fortunate we had Randy on our side. We will be forever grateful and will always consider Randy someone we can rely on. Randy is not just a great lawyer, but he is a good man. We wholeheartedly recommend Randy." - Bob L. & Barb B.

Changing the lives of future clients as well.

"Walking into a law firm can be a very intimidating experience. Richard Plattner and Randy Hinsch made me feel very comfortable by introducing me to the entire team that would be handling my case. The only promise made was that they would work diligently on my case. I was kept informed the entire time. Any and all questions that I had were welcomed. The entire team at Plattner- Verderame is professional and excellent at what they do. To be represented by them is to know that you are being represented by qualified individuals who know Arizona law. Thank you Plattner- Verderame for not only changing the lives of my family whom you represented, but changing the lives of future clients as well." - C. Anderson

Hiring Mr. Randall Hinsch as my accident attorney was the best thing.

"Being in a car accident is a frightening situation but when you add the legalities, mounting bills and missed days of work, it becomes unbearable! I do not know what I would have done without the professionalism and expertise of Randall Hinsch and his legal team. He not only provided answers to my never-ending questions, but ensured that I remained informed of every new development or findings throughout my case. Although Randy’s expertise is top notch, it was his overall client care that set him apart from your regular accident attorney. Hiring Mr. Randall Hinsch as my accident attorney was the best thing that came out of a frightening and scary situation." - S. Carter

Praise for Plattner Verderame’s attorneys

"Nick and Michele were professional and very understanding in handling a very sensitive case. They looked out for my best interest and consistently kept me updated. Thank you!" - K. Gallagher

Nick Verderame is very courteous

"Nick Verderame is very courteous, intelligent, strategic and aggressive. He always made me feel confident during my case. The large staff is professional and was available to take my calls. This is a very dominant law team. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING! I am very grateful to Nick Verderame and his team for winning what i thought would be a potentially fruitless case. You guys are a blessing! Thank you very much." - Archie Koenig