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Sexual Abuse and Assault Lawyers, Phoenix

Helping Arizona sexual abuse victims get justice for horrendous wrongs

Sexual abuse cases are some of the hardest—but most important—matters we handle. Our first priority is to help the victim get the counseling and psychological help needed to start on the road to recovery from the trauma they have experienced. We then work to hold the wrongdoers accountable to compensate the victim for injuries caused by this unbearable wrong. Legal and financial accountability is essential to prevent the wrongdoers from hurting other victims. In combination with law enforcement, we ensure that the assailants and responsible parties answer for their wrongs.

At Plattner Verderame, P.C., our Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers understand how hard it is to bring cases like these. We help the victim understand his/her rights and power to demand justice in court. Our dedicated advocates guide victims through each stage of the litigation process. We demand compensation for any physical pain or medical treatment required and for the full extent of the victim’s emotional and mental suffering. Emotional suffering can include depression, loss of self-esteem, an inability to establish romantic relationships, post-traumatic stress, and other severe and long-term problems.

Examples of sexual abuse cases we have handled

Our attorneys are extremely sensitive to how devastating sexual abuse and assault can be. These are just some of the sexual abuse cases we have successfully handled for Arizona victims:

  • Our attorneys obtained justice and compensation for an individual who was sexually abused by a former priest in the Phoenix Diocese.
  • Our team brought a claim on behalf of four children who were abused by their teacher in Yuma.
  • We were able to help a 26-year-old model and quadriplegia victim who was abused by her nursing care provider’s employee, whose predatory tendencies would have been discovered if a simple pre-hiring background check had been done.
  • We also helped a young man with cerebral palsy who was targeted for sexual abuse at no less than four of the state homes where he received care.

Our lawyers understand how difficult these cases—which often come down to one person’s word versus another—can be. That is why we conduct extensive discovery to determine what happened, whether any other complaints against the wrongdoer have been made, and who else may be aware of the abuse.

Types of sexual abuse cases

The perpetrators of sexual abuse are frequently people in positions of trust – the clergy, teachers, coaches, work supervisors, and others. These people and institutions responsible for them should pay when they violate this trust.  Some of the many types of sexual abuse cases we handle include:

  • Nursing home abuse. Seniors are susceptible to abuse because staff has daily contact with residents and often have a compromised ability to advocate for themselves. When sexual abuse at a nursing home occurs, we bring claims against the staff member, administrator, or outsider who commits the sexual abuse. We also seek to hold the nursing home responsible for failing to properly hire or supervise their staff and visitors.
  • Schools, teachers, and coaches. Students and parents naturally trust their teachers, coaches, and extra-curricular instructors to have their best interests at heart. When this trust is misplaced, our Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers seek to hold the wrongdoers, the school, and the school district responsible. Our lawyers explain that students have the right to be treated with respect and that sexual pressure or advances of any kind are not acceptable.
  • Abuse by members of the clergy. Sadly, too many cases of abuse by church leaders and officials have taken place. Many times, the abuse lasts months or even years. Churchgoers, children who help with church services, and their parents should understand that sexual abuse is strictly illegal. We have experience holding the individuals and the church accountable.
  • Abuse in the workplace. Employers, supervisors, co-workers, and others sometimes think they have the right to demand sexual favors or sexual performance from employees. This is certainly incorrect. Workers who are victims of sexual abuse can bring injury claims against the wrongdoers. Our Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers also seek to hold the employer liable if they failed to run background checks, failed to monitor their workers, did not have proper policies in place, or failed to reasonably protect a worker’s safety.

Our lawyers also work to hold property owners liable if they do not provide necessary and reasonable security to prevent sexual assaults of customers and visitors.


Contact a Phoenix sexual abuse attorney for help and guidance now

Victims of sexual abuse do not deserve the long-term pain and suffering they experience. If you have been the victim of sexual assault, our Phoenix sexual abuse attorneys want to help you obtain justice. We treat every client with the respect and dignity they deserve. For immediate help, please phone 602-266-2002 or call toll free at 888-657-3573. We can also be reached through our contact form.

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