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Increase in Sexual Assaults at the University of Arizona in 2019

Increase in Sexual Assaults at the University of Arizona in 2019 The University of Arizona released its Annual Security and Fire Safety Report in November and it showed an alarming increase in sexual assaults at the school in 2019. The data in the report shows that there were 14 sexual assaults in 2018. In 2019, there were 40 reports of sexual assault at the school, according to the latest report. Officials from the school say that the increase in numbers is likely due to higher reporting than to actual crimes occurring.

In 2017 there were 22 reports of sexual assault. Six of those assaults occurred at residential facilities. Of the 14 reported in 2018, eight occurred at residential facilities. Of the 40 that were reported in 2019, 22 occurred at residential facilities.

The report outlines crimes at the campus from 2017-2019. During those years, the report shows that there was an increase in domestic violence and fondling crimes from 2017 to 2019. Reports of fondling went from three in 2017 to four in 2018 to 10 in 2019.

According to University of Arizona Police Chief Brian Seastone, the numbers for 2020 are headed in a downward trend. Seastone believes the pandemic has been a direct cause of reduced crime on campus because there have been fewer people in the buildings:

I think people are much more comfortable reporting these days regardless, and we’ve always encouraged people, please report every crime. If we don’t know about it we can’t focus in on an area or mitigate it in the future. Traditionally, if we look at unreported crimes, etcetera, I think we are right where it would be. We don’t have anything that jumped out at us, such as a stranger rape sexual assault on our campus. Many of these are acquaintance-type of situations, which doesn’t matter, it is still a crime. But again, I think people are just feeling more comfortable reporting this inappropriate action.

Reporting a crime at the University of Arizona

The school encourages its employees and students to report any type of crime as soon as possible. If the victim is unable to or does not want to, a third party can report the crime. Crimes should be reported to the school’s police department or any other local law enforcement agency. Crimes can be reported using the following methods:

  • UAPD 24 hours a day by calling 9-1-1
  • 520-621-UAPD (8273) for non-emergencies
  • Visiting the UAPD station at 1852 E First St.
  • (TDD) for the hearing impaired: please call (520) 621- 8273)
  • UAPD “TIPS Line” at 520-621-TIPS (8477)
  • Using any of the blue-light emergency telephones placed strategically throughout campus

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