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Product Liability Claims and Defective E-Cigarettes

Plattner Verderame, P.C. handles all manner of product liability claims. We have put together this brief video set to talk a little bit about defective product cases, what your rights are, and what you should do if you e-cig explodes. We invite you to listen to Frank Verderame, Richard Plattner and Randy Hinsch as they explain what you should know about products liability.

Design Defect

A design defect: that means that there is something that’s wrong with a product that makes it unreasonably dangerous for the consumer to use. The product has something in the way it is designed, like a gas tank that explodes, or a Jeep that rolls over because it’s too high. And these kinds of dangers can cause serious injuries and death. And we see these in Arizona and Phoenix, and we also see manufacturing defect cases, such as a case where a hip is made with the wrong kind of metal, a hip implant, and it fails and it breaks. That’s different than a design defect, but it’s a products liability case nonetheless. At Plattner Verderame, we handle products liability cases.

Failure to Warn


Manufacturers have an obligation to try and do what they can do to make their products as safe as possible. As long as it’s reasonable, as long as it’s practical. Some things are obvious. You don’t really need to put a warning on a knife that says it’s sharp. But sometimes it’s not obvious and if you don’t have appropriate warnings or instructions on how a product should be used safely, that product becomes much more dangerous than it needs to be. It becomes dangerous in ways the ordinary consumer wouldn’t expect from the operation of that product. Maybe it’s different than the way similar products that they’re used to using. There can be all kinds of ways that a company fails to instruct, or fails to warn. That can cause all kinds of mayhem, injury and death.

What Should I Do if My E-Cig Explodes?


If you smoke e-cigarettes or vape, and your module or battery explodes, the most important thing you need to do is keep everything. Keep the module, keep what’s left of the battery; if it exploded in your pocket, keep your blue jeans or whatever you were wearing, your pants that show the damage to your pants. Keep receipts when you shop, before this happens, because it’s important to show from what store you got the battery or the module. Every time you visit the store to buy any portion of the vaping experience, keep those receipts somewhere, just in case – and of course, get to a doctor, get good treatment, and contact experienced personal injury lawyers like us. If you need one in the Phoenix area, visit our website or call 602-266-2002.