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Rapper and Coachella Sued for Crowd Surfing Injury

A college woman is suing rapper A$AP Ferg and the Coachella Music and Arts Festival because of injuries she suffered while watching A$AP Ferg perform at the 2014 festival.  The plaintiff, Libby Frankel, says in the suit that her head and neck were injured when A$AP Ferg leaped off the stage and landed on top of her.  The suit asks for damages, and accuses A$AP of assault and battery.  Frankel included Coachella, and its parent companies, in the suit because A$AP Ferg has a history with this exact type of incident.  In fact, this is the third lawsuit against the rapper for injuries related to crowd surfing.  The suit explains that, as he has been sued twice for the same actions, the music festival knew of the risk and did nothing to prevent it.

If a company or person acts in a negligent manner and you are harmed as a result, you are entitled to hold them accountable.  If they have a history of acting in this manner, there are steps they should take to prevent the same from happening again.  For more information on this type of negligence, feel free to contact Plattner Verderame P.C.  We are honest attorneys who spend our days helping honest clients.