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What Does “Qui Tam” Mean?

Do you know somebody who’s ripping off the government? Do you know someone who is ripping off the United States government, the Arizona government? If so, you can bring a claim under the False Claims Act. This is also known as a qui tam claim, or a whistleblower claim. It’s the patriotic thing to do. If someone is stealing money from us as taxpayers, and from our government, the government will compensate you for bringing the claim. You go to an attorney, like our law firm, and we file a claim in Federal court on your behalf, and then the government evaluates it, and takes over the case, and moves forward with it. You can get a percentage of what the government collects from the bad actor who did this.

So, if you know somebody who’s ripping off Medicare, if you work in Phoenix or Tucson for a big manufacturer who’s got a government contractor, and you know that they’re ripping us off, visit our website, or call 602-266-2002.