What Is a Construction Site Injury?

If you were injured on a construction site, you’re not alone. Construction sites are very dangerous places. Injuries can happen for lots of different reasons. One of the things that comes into play on a construction site injury is, most workers on the site are going to be covered by workers’ compensation. The advantage to workers’ compensation is that there’s no fault consideration. The injury might have been your fault, but you’re still entitled to benefits.

The problem with workers’ compensation is that the benefits are pretty darn limited. Sometimes, on a construction site injury, the injury may have been cause by somebody who’s not you or your employer or a co-employee, but they’re an employee of a different company. Another contractor – maybe it’s the fault of the general contractor, who’s supposed to provide safety for the workplace overall. In most cases, then you can actually come to us and we can help get you a much larger amount of recovery. So, check out our website or call us 602-266-2002. Plattner Verderame, P.C. is based in Phoenix, and represents clients throughout Arizona.



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