Catastrophic Injury

What Are the Costs of Catastrophic Injuries?

Whenever someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, paralysis due to spinal cord damage, or any catastrophic injury due to the fault of another, there are two parts to the case. The first is establishing liability by showing someone ran through a red light, distributed defective drugs or other products, or was responsible for some other…

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Catastrophic Injuries

 When there’s been a catastrophic injury, you need to call a lawyer, even if you don’t know that somebody else may have been at fault for it. Maybe the road was defective, maybe there was something that went wrong with the vehicle. There can be all kinds of things that are not obvious at…

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High School Cheerleading Can Lead to Catastrophic Injuries

When we think about high school sports injuries, football is typically the first thing that comes to mind—head and neck injuries, specifically. Another group of athletes, however, who often suffer catastrophic injuries are competitive high school cheerleaders. Although they fly and twist through the air and make it look easy, the stunts our cheerleaders perform…

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Dangerous Games: Sports Most Likely to Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Whether played by children or adults, games and sporting activities are expected to offer a reasonable amount of safety from major bodily injury. Safety gear, such as helmets, or supervision from referees helps to maintain these standards. With all these protections in place, which sports remain dangerous, and which are safe? It turns out that…

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