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Multi-State Project Underway to Improve Trucker Parking on the I-10 CorridorRoute I-10 in Arizona is a massively-traveled highway that travels east to west through the state. To the west, I-10 goes into California, through the east into New Mexico, as well as dipping into Texas. The highway’s availability to these four states makes it a perfect corridor for tractor-trailers hauling freight back and forth. I-10 runs about 392 miles across Arizona, which would make it about a six hour and 30 minute drive at 60mph.

One of the biggest challenges for truckers traveling the I-10 corridor is the lack of safe places to park, rest and sleep. A 2019 Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) study showed that, out of the top 15 undesignated truck parking locations in AZ, six of them were right along the I-10 – Exit 45, Interchange Exit 200, Quartsize Exit 17, Texas Canyon Rest Area Mile Post 320, Ehrenberg Rest Area Mile Post 5, and Interchange Exit 53.

When tractor-trailers and semis park in undesignated spots, especially on highway shoulders and off-ramps, serious truck accidents can occur. If a car veers off the road, instead of colliding with a barrier, it could slide underneath a parked truck, resulting in an underride accident. These types of accidents are often catastrophic or fatal.

The study did point out, however, that the root of the problem is not the actual lack of places to park, but lack of knowledge about where these places are. “Arizona has available truck parking even during the times when demand is highest,” according to the study. “It is possible that available truck parking spaces are not known by some drivers.”

“Right now, a truck driver may decide to stop early because they can see a spot on the road or they’re like ‘You know what, I’m not going to risk it and I’m going to pull over now’ because they don’t have any way to make an informed decision,” said Tony Bradley, President and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association.

He added, “Freight volumes are expected to increase which will just exacerbate the truck parking problem so this is one part of a multi-faceted solution. At the end of the day, we need to keep our truckers safe and rested.”

The Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS)

The I-10 Corridor Coalition received a $6.85 million grant in April 2019 to help alleviate this problem. The Coalition, comprised of representatives from Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, matched this grant, bringing the project funding to $13.7 million. The project, called the Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS), will alert truckers to the availability of public parking spots along the entirety of I-10 through all four states. Truck drivers and dispatchers will be able to locate parking through dynamic roadside signs, smartphone, in-cab apps, and other means.

Currently, the Coalition is soliciting input from the drivers themselves via an online survey, which can be viewed here. The TPAS project is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2023.

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