Truck Accident

Is Now the Right Time to Settle Your Truck Crash Claim?

If you have been injured in a truck crash, and you are still receiving medical treatment and have not been able to return to work, you might be feeling anxious about settling your claim. The trucking company’s insurance company might be approaching you with what seems like a valid offer to settle, but you might…

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Why Backing Up a Truck is So Hazardous

Tractor-trailers, flatbeds, semis, and other commercial or large trucks are hard enough to control when the driver is going forward. Truck drivers who back their trucks up into traffic are virtually asking for an accident to happen. There are several reasons why backing up trucks are so dangerous: Unusual dimensions. The length of the trucks…

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Sharing the Roads Safely with Big Trucks in Arizona

Summer is approaching, and for those of us living in Arizona, that often means it’s time for family road trips. While the trips are fun, they also require sharing the road with large trucks. Even in the best of circumstances, that can be dangerous. People often think that sleepy, drunk, and otherwise distracted truck drivers…

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Truck Company Liability for Flying Tire Debris

Commercial vehicles haul a lot of products. Sometimes, those trucks have open tops (like some dump trucks) or open sides, which increases the risk of debris spilling from the truck and on the road – or onto your car. As a driver, you are generally expected to be on the lookout for road debris. Drivers…

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Autonomous Trucks Are Coming to Arizona

In early 2018, the Chinese startup TuSimple will formally open a research and testing facility here in Arizona, testing and developing its autonomous trucks. The company already completed a successful test run in July 2017, with a 170-mile public road trial of an autonomous truck from San Diego, CA to Yuma, Arizona. They kick off…

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Truck Underride Guards Can Save Lives in Truck Crashes

Underride guards are safety equipment that can be added to tractor trailers and other large, commercial trucks to protect drivers of passenger vehicles from fatal injuries.  These pieces of equipment can keep a vehicle that collides with the side or back of semi-truck from going under the truck, thus turning a fatal crash into something…

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