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Pattern of Semi-Truck Rollovers: Is I-10 a Dangerous Road?

Pattern of Semi-Truck Rollovers: Is I-10 a Dangerous Road?In recent months, two semi-truck rollovers occurred on Interstate 10 (I-10) in Phoenix. The two semi-truck accidents occurred about a month apart and not too far from one another.

As a result of these two truck accidents and many others in the past, the question continues to emerge about whether I-10 is a dangerous road for drivers.

What exactly happened during both I-10 semi-truck rollover accidents?

According to a news article published by AZ Central, a collision occurred on I-10 in Phoenix near the 202 Loop and 65th Avenue on the morning of October 5th, causing issues with the westbound lanes. The center and right lanes eventually opened, but the 202 ramp and westbound lanes stayed closed for several hours. The cause of concern was a vehicle that broke down and was blocking traffic from moving on the interstate. However, right after that call came in, a semi-truck rolled over in the same vicinity as the broken-down car.

It is unknown whether the semi-truck rolled over because it collided with the vehicle that had broken down or if it rolled over because of traffic slowing down and stopping in the area. Soon after the accident, the 18-wheeler’s diesel fuel began leaking out onto the roadway. The two people who were in the semi-truck were transported to a local hospital for their injuries, and it was reported that other people were injured as well. No number of injuries was given, but the firefighters were able to get the diesel leak under control and clean up the spilled debris and products.

Less than one month later, on November 3rd, a collision occurred on I-10 in downtown Phoenix during the morning rush hours. The westbound lanes were closed once again due to a semi-truck rollover on the interstate, but this time the roll over occurred near the Buckeye Road ramp. All lanes ended up being closed other than the HOV lanes. There were a few injuries reported, but they were described as only minor. There was no mention of why this rollover may have occurred.

Is Interstate 10 in Arizona dangerous for drivers?

12 News released an article in 2022 explaining that the data given by the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that “a three-mile stretch near the heart of downtown Phoenix is among one of the most dangerous stretches of road for drivers in the Valley.” One of these crashes occurred directly in this three-mile stretch as it is near Loop 202, which was the location of over 1,700 vehicle accidents in 2021. ADOT gave the following statement to 12 News, “I-10 in the area of the ST 51/Loop 202 interchange is among the busiest stretches of Valley freeways. Traffic volume and merging heighten opportunities for drivers to be involved in crashes.”

This area of I-10 is a mini-stack, which means that it involves a few different freeways that are meant to efficiently help drivers access the major highways. However, it is a known fact that the more highways and roads there are in one area, the more traffic-related problems there will be. With the fast growth and increasing traffic around Loop 202 in Phoenix, it has become very dangerous for drivers to make the multi-lane change in the area. Therefore, while the mini-stack is a great way to help with traffic flow, it can become very dangerous, especially at high-traffic times.

Another article in AZ Central mentioned a study that was conducted a few years ago that found I-10 to be one of the deadliest highways in the United States during the summer months. The study took place during the summer months (May to September) of three different years and calculated around 100 traffic fatalities on I-10 in Arizona, making it the fifth-deadliest highway in the entire country.

Common reasons why truck rollover accidents happen

Even though there were no causes listed for the two truck rollover accidents that occurred on I-10, there are several reasons why these types of accidents typically happen:

  1. Speed: Speed is one of the most common contributors for truck rollover accidents. When truck drivers are speeding and come across a curve or turn, they are likely to lose control of their vehicle, resulting in a truck rollover accident.
  2. Lack of attention: Another common factor that frequently causes truck rollover accidents is when the trucker lacks attention. Instead, they may be doing something that takes their focus off driving, such as texting, watching a video, eating, or falling asleep. This increases their chances of making quick and sudden traffic movements, which can cause truck rollovers.
  3. Manufacturing problems: Defective truck parts can also cause truck rollover accidents. For example, if a truck’s brakes are faulty, the trucker may be unable to stop or slow down, leading to a rollover accident.
  4. Overreacting: A truck driver may overreact or overcorrect when they are trying to avoid an accident. This typically happens when they grab the steering wheel too hard, causing the truck to tilt back and forth and eventually roll over onto its side or top.
  5. Improperly loaded cargo: When cargo loaders improperly load tractor trailers, this increases truck drivers’ risk of rolling over. For example, if a truck’s load is too heavy, unbalanced, or unsecured, the trailer may begin to shift. This can lead to a truck rollover even if the trucker is driving at a slow speed.

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