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Catastrophic Injury

Committed Phoenix Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Seek Justice for Chronic Pain Management Injuries

When treating your chronic pain leads to more injury, we can help

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for several months or years. Victims of catastrophic injuries often experience the hurt and discomfort of chronic pain. For many individuals, simply getting out of bed in the morning can be an incredibly painful task. Chronic pain is a disabling condition that can be difficult to treat. Physicians may try various forms of treatment and medication to control the level of pain experienced. However, these efforts sometimes lead to additional injuries, furthering adding to the pain and suffering experienced by the innocent victim of someone else's negligence.

We have seen the challenges of these situations first hand. Our attorneys have worked with numerous clients who were further injured in their efforts to manage the chronic pain brought on by a catastrophic injury. At Plattner Verderame, P.C., we believe that these additional injuries are all related to the initial injury causing accident. So, we work to hold the negligent party or parties responsible for the debilitating pain you continue to experience. Our team of knowledgeable Phoenix catastrophic injury attorneys helps honest people seek justice for all accident-related injuries, including those brought on by chronic pain management.

How can chronic pain management cause more pain?

More than 116 Americans suffer from chronic pain each year, as reported by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The constant aches of the condition can be extremely detrimental to patients, sometimes leading to severe depression and even suicide. The pursuit of relief is a difficult one, as doctors may try numerous treatment options before finding one that works. In the worst cases, one or more of these options may end up further injuring the patient instead of providing the relief sought. Medication is the most common method of treatment for chronic pain, but it can cause injury in the following ways:

  • Exacerbation of initial injury. In an effort to address the patient’s chronic pain, the doctor may prescribe a medication that inadvertently exacerbates the initial injury. Catastrophic injuries can be complex, affecting various aspects of the victim’s health. When a new medication is taken, it can be difficult to precisely predict all of the effects. In some cases, the pain medication worsens the symptoms of the underlying injury, causing additional pain to the patient.
  • Multiple, conflicting medications. The quest for adequate chronic pain management sometimes involves several medications. These may be taken in addition to medicines already prescribed to the patient for the initial injury. This commonly happens when patients are forced to seek treatment from two or more doctors at the same time. If any of these drugs conflict with one another, the resulting effect can be significant.

Another common treatment for chronic pain is physical therapy. According to the APTA, these treatments use strength building, manual therapy, flexibility exercises and body mechanics to help patients deal with their chronic pain. While many people achieve at least some level of relief from this method of treatment, others sadly end up with additional injuries. A new injury may occur or, as with some medications, the therapy may exacerbate the underlying injury. Either way, a patient who is already suffering from a catastrophic injury is now forced to live with additional hurt.

Aggressive litigators with a proven record of success

We have seen firsthand the lasting effects of a catastrophic injury that leaves a victim in a constant state of pain. Our Phoenix catastrophic injury lawyers understand that additional injuries come with additional pain and additional costs. We put our award-winning skills to work in your case, aggressively advocating for a level of compensation that will enable you or your loved one to experience a high quality of life.

Our firm includes partners who have each been certified as specialists in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation by the Arizona State Bar. We use our knowledge and experience to help injured people through the most difficult times of their lives. Our unshakable commitment to our clients means that we fight hard, whether negotiating a settlement or presenting your case at trial. Honest people deserve to be fairly compensated for the harm done to them, and we diligently work to make that happen.

Contact our Phoenix chronic pain management injury attorneys today

If your search for relief from chronic pain left you with further injuries, let our skill and experience work for you. We handle all catastrophic injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that you pay nothing unless we secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Call Plattner Verderame, P.C. at 602-266-2002, or use our online contact form to reach us today.