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Nursing Home Abuse

Phoenix Nursing Home Physically Abused Resident Lawyers AZ

Protecting your elderly loved ones from abuse in Arizona nursing homes

Nursing homes provide a valuable service for many families. They take on the incredible responsibility of caring for our loved ones when we do not have the ability to do so on a daily basis ourselves. Unfortunately, these facilities sometimes fall short of providing the level of care we rightly expect, causing injury to residents. Physical abuse is among the most egregious of these actions. In far too many instances, nursing home employees physically assault our loved ones with no regard to their wellbeing or safety.

At Plattner Verderame, P.C., we believe that the most vulnerable members of our community deserve to be cared for in a dignified and adequate manner. Nursing homes have a duty to protect each and every resident from hurt and harm, so it is especially appalling when the abuse occurs at the hands of staff members. Our knowledgeable Phoenix nursing home injury lawyers help you and your loved one cope with this challenging ordeal and guide you through the legal process. When you retain our services, you receive quality representation from a group of highly skilled lawyers. The Arizona State Bar has certified most of our talented partners as specialists in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation.

Reliable representation for a variety of nursing home injuries

We take the safety and care of your loved one seriously. When they are injured, we go after the nursing home to find who was at fault. Throughout our years of experience, we have seen residents who were:

  • Threatened with assault. It is important to understand that the threat of physical abuse is also abuse. Nursing home residents should feel safe and secure in their surroundings. They should not be made to feel endangered by staff members who threaten to injure them should they not perform in a certain manner. These threats can be made verbally or through gestures, like the raising of a fist. Often times, these threats make residents fearful about reporting incidents of abuse, so it is important for family members to observe that resident’s behavior and ask questions during every visit.
  • Struck, pushed or dropped. Any bone fracture or break suffered by your loved one is cause for immediate concern. Nursing home staff members may handle residents aggressively when the resident does not perform in the way that the staff desires. A resident who has difficulty rising from a chair or who could not make it to the bathroom on time may be “punished” with a forceful pull from the seat or a push onto the floor. Bodily bruises also provide an indication of possible physical injury.
  • Improperly restrained. While some restraints may be necessary to promote the safety of a resident, when used improperly, these devices can cause serious pain and suffering. Staff members may secure them too tightly around the wrists or ankles. Another atrocious tactic is to leave residents in restraints for unreasonable amounts of time. Look for lacerations around the extremities when visiting your loved one. Also, if restraints are part of your family member’s treatment plan, ask questions about the duration and methods of usage. It is also helpful to visit at different times of the day to document how often restraints are being utilized.

We believe that our elderly clients deserve aggressive representation against nursing homes that fail to adequately protect them. These cases can be challenging, especially when responsible nursing homes work to hide or eliminate evidence that may prove their liability. We use our resources to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and identify all responsible parties. Our lawyers then take the information and develop a case that effectively expresses the severity of your loved one’s injuries and the level of medical treatment they require.

Our clients are always first on our list of priorities, but we also recognize that each individual victory helps benefit society as a whole. Nursing home abuse should be an issue of concern for all. By obtaining individual justice, we bring attention to this problem and help to promote life-saving reforms.

Holding nursing homes accountable for poor hiring practices

You can play a substantial role in preventing injury to your loved one while in the care of a nursing home. While there is no way to fully guarantee the safety of your family member, these questions can help you to better gauge the level of care that the nursing home is offering. The following are some questions you should ask when considering a facility:

  • How much professional training is the staff required to have?
  • Do you conduct background checks for each member of the staff?
  • Are caregivers bonded and insured?
  • How often is the quality of care evaluated?
  • How are staff members supervised?
  • Are visits welcome at any time?

If an instance of suspected abuse does occur, the Arizona Department of Health Services provides an online complaint form you can complete to report the issue. Once you complete that process, your next call should be to a skilled Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer that provides honest representation for honest injuries.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:


Trustworthy assistance from experienced Phoenix nursing home injury attorneys

The well-being of your loved one is of utmost importance. When a nursing home fails to provide adequate care and protections, the Phoenix nursing home injury attorneys of Plattner Verderame, P.C. work to secure compensation for your family member’s injuries. Call us today at 602-266-2002. We also provide a convenient online contact form. We handle all cases on a contingency-fee basis.