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Uber, the ride sharing app which took the nation by storm, was recently reprimanded by a New York judge for its litigation tactics as part of a class action anti-trust case.  The claim alleges that the Uber CEO engaged in price-fixing with its drivers.  During the case, Uber hired a private investigator, Ergo, to conduct an investigation of the lead plaintiff, Spencer Meyer, and his attorney.  Ergo chose to lie to co-workers of both Meyer and his attorney in order to obtain defamatory information.  The plaintiffs brought this to the attention of Judge Jed Rakoff, and after reviewing the defendant’s actions, Judge Rakoff admonished Uber and its CEO for the improper tactics, saying their agent “engaged in fraudulent and arguably criminal conduct.”  The Judge also required Uber to pay an undisclosed amount to Meyer and his attorney for dealing with the matter.

Large corporate defendants will often put their entire “treasure chest” of funds to defeating lawsuits.  This is especially true when the plaintiffs are individuals who can be easily “out-spent.”  That’s why it is important that when you are engaged in a lawsuit with a corporation, be it a hospital, insurance provider, employer or any other company, it is important to have experienced legal counsel to stand up for you.  Plattner Verderame, PC has been in practice for decades, protecting people from large corporations.  If you have a claim against a company, allow us to help.  We are honest attorneys who spend our days helping honest clients.

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