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Phoenix Bicycle Injury Lawyers AZ

Trustworthy injury lawyers helping riders throughout Arizona

In 2014, the state of Arizona alone had 1,742 bicycle accidents. Many of these accidents involved cyclists that sustained terrible injuries due to negligent drivers. Often, drivers are tired, texting or distracted, and don’t have their eyes fully on the road. When bicycle accidents happen, people can get injured and need weeks, months or years’ worth of subsequent medical care.

Some defense attorneys might try to show that cyclists weren’t sharing the road or weren’t obeying traffic laws, and some will try to dismiss bicycle injuries as unimportant and not long lasting. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident with a motorist, don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you obtain justice and compensation for your injuries through seeking representation from a knowledgeable Phoenix bicycle injury lawyer. At Plattner Verderame, P.C., since 1991 we have represented cyclists that have terrible bicycle accident injuries. These people might suffer severe consequences that can worsen and degrade over time. Your ability to ride your bicycle, have excellent mobility and avoid chronic health problems from injuries might be on the line.

Compassionate advocacy for bicycle injury victims

The types of injuries cyclists sustain in car accidents are typically severe, and they can become even more so over time. Experts agree that sustained injuries in a bike accident may not be immediately apparent, but we can help you recognize the long-term effects that your pain and suffering can cause.

Common causes of bicycle injuries often come from:

  • Accidents at intersections, such as right-of-way violations. Drivers may not be considering your right-of-way, and sometimes they may not see you.
  • Faulty estimation of speed. Drivers are notorious for not recognizing the power of their own vehicles, especially when it’s their responsibility to share the road with cyclists. Often, drivers will underestimate the amount of time needed to adequately stop at an intersection. The consequences can be deadly.
  • Left or right turns. Drivers often claim to not have seen bicyclists as they are turning, and the bike rider is usually the one who pays the physical price for that collision.
  • Narrow roadways. Motorists don’t always abide by the adage, “share the road” and may unintentionally force bicyclists off the road when there isn’t enough space.
  • Hazardous road conditions. Roadways that are improperly maintained or poorly designed are also often at fault for cyclist injury.

If you have suffered a severe injury in a bicycle accident and are seeking restitution and compensation for your medical bills and lost wages, our passionate Phoenix bike accident attorneys can help. Our partners are Board Certified Specialists in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation by the Arizona Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization, and our integrity, skills and compassion will help you gain adequate compensation for your injuries.

Our reputation for high-quality legal work precedes us

We are dependable and approachable at our firm, and you can work directly with one of our knowledgeable Arizona bike injury attorneys. We can help you determine the facts of your case, gather evidence and prove negligence if you’ve been hit by a distracted motorist. You will learn what your best options are for seeking fair compensation, and we will help you every step of the way. Should your case not settle and go to trial, our firm is home to aggressive and professional litigators. Our reputation for high-quality legal work for honest people with honest injuries leads us to settle a large majority of our cases out of court.

The legal community knows that we only represent those who deserve restitution. However your case proceeds, rest assured knowing that we will fight aggressively for a full payment of your hospital bills, medical costs incurred in the future as a result of your bicycle injuries, lost wages and more. We put our experience and knowledge to work and accurately evaluate, properly analyze and fully explain your options for recourse and obtaining justice through financial compensation.

Contact our Phoenix bicycle injury attorneys without delay

Although the statute of limitations is quite long for bicycle injury cases at two years, it’s best not to delay. Our dependable Phoenix bike injury lawyers can help you make sense of your case. You can count on Plattner Verderame, P.C. to be prepared to investigate the incident and find all sources of compensation. Call us at 602-266-2002. You can also complete our contact form. Everything is confidential, and you don’t pay a cent unless you win your case. This contingency-fee basis model is what makes our services affordable and worth it.