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Phoenix Car Seat Belt Injury Lawyers AZ

Holding negligent parties accountable for accidents across Arizona

During an automobile crash, the device that is meant to save your life can actually cause substantial injury. Seat belts are meant to restrain your body inside of the car during an accident. However, the impact of a crash can cause the chest restraint to compress internal organs or fracture bones. For rear passengers, the lap belt may cause injuries to the torso or intestinal complications. When these injuries occur, the party responsible for the initial accident may also be held liable for the seat belt injuries.

The knowledgeable Phoenix car accident attorneys of Plattner Verderame, P.C. understand that various types of injuries can result from a car crash, so we put forth the time and resources to investigate your accident thoroughly and completely. When honest people are negatively impacted by the negligent actions of others, our lawyers vigorously fight to secure the high-value compensation their injuries deserve.

Seat belt restraints can cause serious injuries

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling car crash cases. We have seen numerous clients who have been harmed by seat belts during automobile accidents. Some of the most common seat belt injuries include:

  • Chest injuries. Some studies suggest that up to 80% of all blunt chest trauma injuries result from motor vehicle accidents. The sternum is a bone located in the middle of the chest. A sudden stop of the car causes the seat belt to pull quickly and tightly against the chest. This force can fracture the sternum. This serious injury can cause severe pain within the victim’s chest.
  • Abdominal injuries. The lap belt can cause injury to numerous parts of the abdomen, including the stomach, intestines or gall bladder. Victims of these conditions may experience severe stomach pains, vomiting and a high fever.
  • Abrasions and lacerations. Along with internal complications, the seat belt can also cause injury to the outside of the body by breaking the skin. Abrasions and cuts may occur across the area where the seat belt touches the skin. Left untreated, these conditions can become infected and cause severe illness.
  • Rib fractures. The force of a seat belt restraint is sometimes enough to cause injury to the ribs of the victim’s body. Fractured ribs are extremely painful, making it difficult to even breathe freely. Without proper treatment, the misplaced bone of a fractured rib can puncture the lungs.
  • Bowel perforations. Seat belt injuries to the abdomen can cause tears or punctures to the bowels of the body. These bowel perforations can cause the contents of the bowels to leak, leading to severe, and sometimes deadly, infections. Treatment of the condition usually requires emergency surgery to repair the hole.
  • Shoulder injuries. The shoulder strap of the seat belt can cause pain to the shoulder during a sudden stop. The strap may pull or tear the muscles and tendons of the shoulder, resulting in extensive pain and reduced range of motion. Long-term physical therapy may be necessary to adequately address the injury.

Our lawyers have successfully handled numerous automobile accident claims for injured parties. Securing compensation can be a difficult task, so the assistance of a skillful Arizona auto accident lawyer is vitally important for a successful outcome. At Plattner Verderame, P.C., we prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. While most of our cases settle out of court, a high-value settlement amount often turns on what the defendant expects to happen in court. We make the time for extensive preparation because it better prepares us for the negotiation process. Severe automobile injuries leave victims with serious medical challenges. So, we fight to secure the fair compensation our clients deserve.

Handling Phoenix automobile accident cases on a contingency basis, so you can focus on healing

Count on the law firm with more than 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured parties. At Plattner Verderame, P.C., our experienced Phoenix car accident attorneys are committed to providing quality legal representation to honest people with honest injuries. Call us at 602-266-2002. You can also complete our contact form. Contact us today to discuss your options and learn what our law firm can do to help you get justice.