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Phoenix Road Design Lawyers Provide Real Help for Car Accident Victims

When a defective road design in Arizona causes your injury, we can help

When roads and highways are poorly designed or defective, it puts our entire community at risk for harm. States and localities have a duty to provide roadways that are free from intrinsic dangers. In the Phoenix metro area and throughout Arizona, there are intersections, ramps and stretches of highway that drivers dread because they are especially hazardous. Visibility may be poor or safety guardrails may be missing. Some of these roadways were acceptably designed for one type of vehicle, but pose significant dangers for others. Frequent construction can also contribute to the treacherous conditions of these roads.

The aftermath of a serious auto accident is chaotic, and getting victims the medical attention they need must take priority. When serious injuries or a tragic fatality result, another important step is starting an investigation as quickly as possible — before evidence is lost forever. Our diligent Phoenix road design problem lawyers move quickly to start the fact-gathering process and determine causes of the crash. Numerous parties may be at fault for a defective roadway. At Plattner Verderame, P.C., you can trust us to identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Prompt investigation to assess crash causes and liability

Auto accidents often have more than one cause. Driver recklessness and distraction may have started the catastrophic chain of events, but roadway design and defects may have contributed to the collision and worsened the level of damages. Defective auto parts and numerous other factors can also play a part in causing a highway vehicle crash. These various possibilities make thorough investigation essential to successfully obtaining compensation after a serious crash.

Our experienced Phoenix road design injury lawyers waste no time in investigating and building strong cases based on the facts. We know that elapsed time can mean the destruction of valuable evidence and the decreased reliability of witness memory. This is particularly true in a road defect case, where responsible parties may quickly work to correct the defect in anticipation of a potential lawsuit. We have the resources and knowledge to ensure a complete investigation of the vehicle crash. Our arsenal of industry contacts includes professionals with an in-depth knowledge of highway design and maintenance. We work with these experts to rigorously analyze what happened, and why.

Lawyers who aren’t afraid to hold government entities accountable

Defective roadways can be extremely serious, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even death. Some examples of roadway defects include:

  • Inadequate road design
  • Malfunctioning signals
  • Potholes
  • Failure to post warning signs
  • Debris left on the roadway
  • Excessive oil or gravel
  • Shoulder drop-offs
  • Missing guardrails

With so many potential problems, numerous parties may be responsible for defective roadways. Private engineers and construction companies may be at fault, along with local or state government officials. Our Phoenix road design injury attorneys have instituted successful actions against government entities responsible for dangerous road conditions in the past. Today’s legal climate has made these cases extremely challenging, but you can count on us to look at all aspects of your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle crash. Our focus is on getting you all the compensation you deserve, and if a roadway safety issue is part of the equation, we know how to expose the danger in the effort to protect others.

Contact our Phoenix lawyers when a poor road design leads to an injury

You may believe you know what caused your accident, or you may be searching for answers about a loved one’s serious car wreck. To work directly with personal injury lawyers who will bring decades of experience to your case, along with a reputation for honesty and integrity, we encourage you to contact Plattner Verderame, P.C. Call us today at 602-266-2002 or toll free 888-657-3573 for a free consultation. You can also use our contact form.