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If I’m in a Hit and Run, Is There Anyone I Can Make a Claim Against?

Even if you’re in a hit and run crash where you don’t know who it is that hit and injured you, there is possibly still a claim for you to make as long as you have the proper auto insurance.

That claim would be under your uninsured motorist coverage. It’s not a coverage that’s mandatory for people to have in Arizona. It’s something you have to specifically talk to your auto insurance agent about. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, then your coverage would step into the shoes of the person who hit you and then fled who you can’t identify.

So the important part is getting the proper auto insurance to make sure that your covered, not just if you’re at fault, but as well as someone else is in fault and doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t hang around long enough to tell you about it. If you’re injured in a car crash in Phoenix, feel free to contact us and give us a call: (602)266-2002.

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