Product Liability

Juul E-Cigarette Litigation Continues

Juul, like other e-cigarette manufacturers, is under scrutiny by FDA with regard to its unsafe products. Multiple lawsuits have been filed, claiming that vaping can cause serious lung injuries, seizures, strokes, and other medical problems. The lawsuits also claim that Juul’s nicotine levels can lead to addiction. Time is reporting that one of those lawsuits…

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Who Is Watching the Watchers?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is a government organization that is tasked with protecting consumers by promoting the safety of products that hit the market. In order to protect the public from unsafe and defective products, the agency addresses unreasonable risks of injury, studying illnesses and injuries caused by products and creating…

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Britax Drags Its Feet on Warnings for Dangerous BOB Stroller

Britax Child Safety, the leading manufacturer of child safety products, allegedly failed to meet is deadline to notify consumers and resellers of a dangerous defect in its BOB jogging stroller. According to The Washington Post, Britax reached an agreement with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to educate the public about a dangerous problem…

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Lime and Bird E-Scooters – Deadly and Dangerous

Electronic scooters, or e-scooters, have taken a lot of U.S. cities by storm. According to CNN, the leading makers of electronic scooters are Bird Rides, Inc., a rideshare company based in California; and Lime, which is already selling its scooters in 70 cities. The scooters are popular across America and the leading cities of Europe.…

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Fire Hazard Continues for Polaris Recreational Off-Road Vehicles

Polaris Industries, manufacturer of recreational off-road vehicles (ROVs), agreed to pay a $27.25 million penalty because it failed to notify federal officials about the fire hazards its vehicles pose to riders. Federal regulators have linked one death and more than 180 fires to the dangerous off-road vehicles according to a story in the Tucson Sentinel.…

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IKEA’s GLIVARP Dining Tables Were Recalled for Potential Laceration Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that IKEA, the furniture giant, is voluntarily recalling its GLIVARP extendable dining tables in white because the table’s glass extension poses a serious threat of laceration. Per the CPSC notice, the “table’s glass extension leaf can detach and fall unexpectedly.” Approximately 8,200 units have been recalled, and customers…

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